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Tier5 – OpenStack-based IaaS & Kubernetes private clouds

Hosted and on-premise OpenStack-based private clouds

Tier5 is a software-defined cloud infrastructure solution based on PROZETA’s first-class OpenStack distribution. We build and operate hosted and on-premise clouds as an end-to-end service, including the software, services, training, and support needed to run OpenStack. Tier5 is a complete turn-key solution including high-performance components, BlackStor software-defined storage, monitoring, advanced security elements, and many other features.

Full-featured Software Defined Datacenter (IaaS)


We build Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds based on our first-class OpenStack distribution and leading global hardware solutions. Our cloud delivery is end-to-end including software, services, training and support needed to run OpenStack. By providing Software Defined Infrastructure, we offer solutions without vendor lock-in, very high performance and redundancy, no-outage architecture, and 24/7 support & monitoring.

Dedicated Private Cloud

We design, build, manage and support dedicated private cloud deployments. Our mission is to help our customers with the cloud transformation and, through that transition, bring additional real and measurable value to their businesses.

Full Visibility

In a Tier5 Cloud, the standard OpenStack distribution is extended with thousands of monitoring data and performance metrics displayed in a well-arranged intuitive dashboard accessible to the customer. Also, all system and application logs are stored in a central place and available through a web-based interface with rich filtering options. This way you will always know what is going on in your cloud stack.

Simple Pricing

Tier5 pricing is simple and transparent. The licensing is per node. Professional services, training packages, hardware (if any) and advanced security features have a separate pricetag. You will always know the cost.

For Start-ups as well as for Enterprises

Tier5 Cloud is designed to grow with your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up requiring 3 compute nodes and a few TBs of storage or a large enterprise with a complicated infrastructure of hundreds of servers, Tier5 Cloud will always fit your needs.

No Noisy Neighbours

With Tier5 Cloud you will always get what you have ordered. Resources (both compute and storage) are always dedicated so no other client will slow down your applications. Performance is then predictable and guaranteed at any scale.

Security and Data Safety

We understand that our clients rely on infrastructure to run their business-critical applications and data. To ensure that our customers’ data is safe, Tier5 infrastructure offers multiple redundancy options, infrastructure based on up-to-date hardened, patched and containerized OpenStack components, automated deployment and full visibility into a running cloud stack.

We are also a proud member of Drive Trust Alliance and hold ISO 27001 certification covering information security management.

Major TCO Reduction

Forget about hardware and convert IT facilities to predictable ongoing operational expenses (OPEX). Tier5 guarantees reduced costs for your existing infrastructure and ongoing IT operations.

First-class 24/7 Support

Our cloud services come along with 24/7/365 support packages with multiple SLA options.

Advanced security options

Tier5 Cloud offers advanced state-of-the-art solutions, moving standard data protection practices for clouds to a whole new level. Combining both software- and hardware-based protection in a unique package, we have introduced additional new protections for customer assets that have no comparable commercial contenders on the market.


Integrity Protection

Tier5 Cloud can protect the integrity of hardware components (controllers, hypervisors and storages) and operating systems. System will not boot if any of the components are modified without authorization. OS integrity check provides by-design immunity against backdoor and other malware that could affect cloud operations.

Data Confidentiality

Tier5 Cloud can guarantee confidentiality and integrity of all customer data. All data on disks is encrypted both at rest and “in flight”. That means that no data can be acccessed or retrieved from stolen hardware.

Log Sealing

All logs are timestamped, digitally signed and sent to internal or external log server(s). Every record can then be easily verified and log modifications (both authorized and unauthorized) immediately detected and identified.

Keeping up with Industry Standards

Tier5 Cloud advanced security options are built on provable security and according to industry standards and best practices. Used technologies, standards and techniques include TCG Opal 2.0, AES for both software and hardware data encryption, Intel TXT and TPM integration, end-to-end encrypted network communications, secure provisioning and field maintenance and configurable security thresholds for dynamic environments.

We are proud member of the Drive Trust Alliance and hold ISO 27001 certification covering information security management.

Professional Services

To ensure our customers’ projects are successful, it is important that they fully understand the opportunities, but also demands of cloud computing infrastructures. Backed by more than 25 years of experience, we provide our customers with a full range of services – from the migration of workloads, through development, optimization and training, to complete outsourcing of infrastructure and application management.


Workload Migration

One of the basic professional services that we offer to our customers is related to the transitioning to our cloud solutions. We will arrange transition planning for you, along with infrastructure migration and final certification of services. We can provide this as a fully outsourced service or help your engineers in planning and walk them through the migration process.

Cloud Software Development & Optimization

Development and modification of applications so that they are prepared in accordance with the requirements for operation of cloud services (sometimes called “the cloud paradigm”) requires thorough knowledge of these requirements. We can provide resources for training your developers and other employees so that they are aware of all requirements and help them to achieve these goals. Our specialization is not the development of custom software, but due to our experience we are able to significantly accelerate and improve the current software development process for our customers.

Network & Data Center Management

If necessary, we can provide the complete management of the data centre computing experience from servers through network equipment to support systems.

Cloud & Data Center Consultancy

With over 25 years of experience in this market we hold significant know-how in the space of cloud and data centre services and solutions. This know-how is available also to our customers through our consultancy services that are part of a standard professional services offering. We are happy to pass it along to our customers and provide consultancy services tailored to customers’ needs.


We propose comprehensive training programmes for each cloud deployment. These programmes include training sessions as well as the process for obtaining technical support, access to the documentation and procedures for reporting and escalation of system issues. All users and administrators obtain a training manual, which may include online training videos in order to enable the training of additional staff members who did not attend the original session. The basic structure of the training programme includes basic theory, practical workshop and excercises, training evaluation and follow-up and operation support.


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PRO-ZETA implements a project Tier5 Cloud – cloud solution by PRO-ZETA a.s. (no. CZ.01.4.04/0.00.0/16_076/0009404). The project gained support from EU structural funds on behalf of the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness. The aim of the project is to develop and present completely new version of cloud solution – Tier5 Cloud to the market, with substantially improved features and functionalities. Thanks to that, the company will be able to make a mark on the perspective market of cloud solutions.


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